FAC Volunteers Keep the Center
Running Smoothly

The Forest Hills Fine Arts Center has been extremely fortunate over the years to train and work with many volunteers. Each volunteer completes a 3-hour training prior to working at the Center. Since the Center's opening in April 2004 through June 2017, over 23,500 volunteer hours have been contributed.

Each year a Volunteer Recognition event is held and awards are given in areas of service and hours completed. In addition, the FHFAC awards the Volunteer of the Year Award annually to the volunteer who not only maintains the largest number of hours since training, but those that also exemplify the professional standards that the Center has come to expect from all volunteers.

Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

2017 - Marcia DeYoung
2016 - Karen Katt
2015 - Elaine Simmons
2014 - Bob & Barbara Vos
2013 - Mary Ellen Johnson
2012 - Darrell & Susanne Nelson
2011 - Mary Bowman
2010 - Corney Brouwer
2009 - Sally Chlystek
2008 - Kathy Colcord
2007 - Pat & Allan Vorel
2006 - Roger A. Matthews
2005 - Ann Riihimaa

Marcia DeYoung won the 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award.

FAC Volunteer Newsletter

Stay up-to-date with our newsletter just for Fine Arts Center volunteers! Each issue is packed with event dates, details, and articles of special interest to those who generously donate their time to keep the Center operating smoothly. Learn more about your fellow volunteers in our volunteer spotlight articles.

We invite volunteers to select from the links below to view, print, or save our latest issue, as well as other recent issues.

October 2017 FAC Volunteers' Newsletter (PDF)

September 2017 FAC Volunteers' Newsletter (PDF)

July/August 2017 FAC Volunteers' Newsletter (PDF)

Thank You to Our 2017-18 Volunteers

Nora Ayoub
Paula Benjamin
Judy Bernhardt
Sally Blevins
John Bonino
Fred Cabling
Betsy Carlson
Steve Carlson
Cathie Carpenter
Jim Carpenter
Nancy Castiglione
Darlene Chandler
Mike Chesebro
Kara Clary
Karen Clawson
Kathy Colcord
Bill Craig
Roberta Craig
Rose Cucinella
Marcia DeYoung
Kathy Ecclesine
Kevin Ecclesine
Deanna Eckert
Chris Eckert
Tamara George
Carleen Ghareeb
Angie Gibson
Jack Gibson
Pam Goetcheus
Becky Goodspeed
Georgia Gorant

Jack Hartley
Sharon Hartley
Christine Hess
Mary Hollen
Judy Hood
Deb Jackman
Debra Janney
Jade-Olivia Janney
Mary Ellen Johnson
Denise Joseph
Karen Katt
Joe Killinger
Betty Kingston
Jon Klatt
Judy Klatt
Carlee Koessel
Jean Koorndyk
Linda Koert
Cynthia Kozycki
Lucia Krzywonos
Ellen Lamphere
BJ Larson
Nancy Letherby
Frank Letherby
Beth Mans
Shelia McLean
Mary Milanowski
Pam Ochs-Sandberg
Dennis O'Connell
Nancy O'Meara
Martha Osborn

Bill Postmus
Joy Postmus
Aaron Reif
Mary Reif
Carol Robinson
Bob Ross
Shirley Ross
Karen Ross
Pam Rowe
Steve Rowe
Nancy Rude
Anne Schefke
Jeanne Schierloh
Elaine Simmons
Susan Sorenson
Laurie Sproul
Bob Stritzinger
Olga Stritzinger
Ann Vela
Vicki VenHuizen
Greg Verseput
Allan Vorel
Pat Vorel
Barbara Vos
Bob Vos
Chris Wenner
Rick Wenner
Jackie Zaggers
Kathy Zimmerman
Ken Zimmerman
Sue Zuchowski


Volunteer Opportunities at the Center

You are cordially invited to join a special community of volunteers who ensure the successful operation of the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center. The broad variety of tasks associated with planning and preparing for Fine Arts Center events, and bringing it all together when the curtain goes up, requires the combined talents and efforts of hundreds of individuals. Whether you can contribute your time and skills on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, we’re anxious to help you identify a satisfying and rewarding place for yourself on our Fine Arts Center team. There’s something here for just about everyone!

How to Volunteer:

1. Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and turn in to the Fine Arts Center. Download the form by selecting this link.

2. Sign-up to attend our annual training session. All FAC volunteers need to go through training before working at the Center. Call the Fine Arts Center at 616.493.8965 for the next training date.

3. Sign-up to volunteer at the Fine Arts Center. Check with our volunteer coordinator for available dates/events at 616.493.8966 or stop in at Fine Arts Center offices, 600 Forest Hill Avenue.

4. Enjoy the "Volunteer Family" experience.

FAC Volunteer Training